How to get my ex-girlfriend back

Losing your girlfriend is one of the most horrible things that can happen.  You feel a huge hole inside of you.  First stop going over every little promise you made each other and said to each other.  In the end this happened for a reason.  If you knew the reason you most likely would have known things were going to end up this way and would have changed already.  So stop blaming yourself and looking for reasons and let's save that energy for the recovery!

Time for a break.  Go out and just try to lose yourself in something to clear you head and break your emotional feelings off so you can breathe for a minute.  You are not going to get anywhere until you exit your emotional state first.  So go have some fun with your friends, or play sports, or whatever it is you like to do and enjoy that does not usually involve your ex-girlfriend. 

You need to get comfortable being by yourself again.  There is no chance any female, let alone your ex-girlfriend will be interested in you while you stink of desperation.  I'm talking take a month or two off.  Forget about her.  Trust me if she sees you living fine without her it makes you a lot more desirable. 

Now after some time when you have recovered from the initial emotional shock of your breakup you will be a different person.  You will have grown, matured, and have a new view of what happened.  Now is the time  to ask yourself do I want her back?  If so it is time to find out after a real break how she feels about you.  This is why you needed to take a real break was to give not only yourself room to recover but you don't want to have smothered her and pushed her away even more.

When you go to get your ex-girlfriend back it is not time for emotions.  It is time to be strategic about getting back the happiness and fulfillment your love gave you.  You need to play it cool, real cool!  Don't act desperate.  Remember she has feelings too and she could be missing you as much as you have missed her over all this time. 

You have to be able to show her you are just fine by yourself.  You don't need to be cold or cocky just simply appear stable and positive as a single individual.  If she sees a solid man who can stand on his own with no desperation that can be very attractive.   This will cause her to think twice about what happened and what she wants.

If you two were meant to be together then you will both know.  Don't over analyze the past at this point.  Just play it very cool and don't rush.  Do not evoke your emotions from before back to the surface and become a weak and desperate basket case again.   Just take it slow and you can get her back!

Strategies for  to get my ex-girlfriend back